Monday, October 19, 2009

Cheap way out/Vegan mofo #10

In the interest of polishing some missed entries off and giving you a little more info about myself, it's meme time!

Favorite food to crunch: Captain Crunch. Or a homemade pita chip. Or Whole Foods flour tortilla chips.
Favorite comfort food: Homemade tea blend, avocado rolls, or ramen with nutritional yeast and EB.
Favorite picnic lunch: The walnut pesto I made this summer for the best picnic ever was out of control good.
Favorite food scene in a movie: Any food montage preparation scene involving a bunch of women bonding.
Favorite food related lyrics: "Apples peaches pumpkin pie"...? -Jay and the techniques
Best food smell memory: Cider doughnuts at the Orchard when i was a kid.
Favorite summer snack: Oranges, pita and hummus, guacamole, raw corn, sangria
Favorite winter snack: Pomegranates and cookies
Food that reminds me of the ocean: Nori, clearly.
Most likely to eat for lunch: At school? Tea and fritos. At home or work? Veggie sammich or a salad. Downtown? Thai Garden has cheap curry.
Least likely to eat for lunch: Anything that takes awhile.
Makes me literally gag: Oregano or Caraway.
Food tradition I love: Cookies and booze party for my bday.
Food tradition I loathe: Not a fan of turkey day.
Favorite wild food: Mushrooms
Favorite medicinal food: Ginseng. Or emergen-C. Or chilies!
Food that reflects my heritage: Stuffed Peppers. Yuck.
Food most like me: Blood oranges, dark and bright, sweet and sour. Sexy.
Favorite raw food smell: Sweet corn, or fresh dill.
Soup or salad?: Don't do this to me.
Favorite breakfast food: Pancakes of any variety-but mainly chocolate chip or crepes!
Favorite ethnic cuisine: Southeast Asian.
Favorite vegan ice cream flavor: I was really digging the Elvis' favorite at Herrells.
Favorite beverage: Fresh juice. Preferably orange or carrot with ginger.
Smooth or crunchy peanut butter?: Smooth. Crunchy hurts.
Food I hated as a child but like now: Red onions.
Food I liked as a child but hate now: Butter. I don't HATE it now, just don't eat it.
Weird food habits: Well, being a vegan is pretty weird (to most people). I guess I'm a really loud eater? That's what I've been told. I drink like a woodland creature or a butterfly (so I've been told), I eat fruit with my whole body, eat very healthily for a while and then punk out and eat cookies and Chinese for 3 days. I wont eat too crispy toast or toast or pancakes that have gone cold. I eat with my hands a lot and usually throw away the last bite of food that has been my 'handle'. I have both an addiction and allergy to Nutritional Yeast. That's all i can think of right now.

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